Our uninvited Christmas tree(s)

Well, there's a lot of story to the last couple days so I'm going to bite it off in pieces.  Here's the story of our uninvited Christmas trees.  Backstory to follow.

Here's tree #1 - but it's not our house.  This is our neighbor's house - their cars were parked in front of the garage, so it was a bit of a near miss. 


Fortunately, this tree went pretty quickly because the tree didn't have too much in the way of intertwining limbs and we had a few chainsaws (notice the cable box ripped out with the roots).



Here's tree #2 - and that's our fence.  Well, it was anyway.  This tree is actually made up of four main limbs that all got tangled together.  We actually have a tree in there (totally demolished by the falling one).



The fence was shattered because the tree limbs fell from up here (next picture)



One of those main limbs smashed in the boat and hitch.  The rest smashed our fence.




After a couple days of work, here's what it looked like:

We're glad that we only lost a fence, and we really appreciated the support of our friends and neighbors.

James & Colette