CodePlex Deployment

I have been remiss in my posting with regard to the last CodePlex deployment.

We deployed a new version of CodePlex on September 26th. Click here to see the details. There are a few things which I would like to highlight about the deployment.

  • Wiki Changes - We revamped the Wiki rendering engine. This has corrected a number of bugs associated with the Wiki. In additon we also made the "Preview" page work better. Lastly with regard to the Wiki we changed the way that the Wiki styled the code markup. For an example, click here.
  • Editing a license - We have had a number of people ask for the ability to alter a license for a project. In this deployment we added this as a feature. Most of the time an open source project does not change its license. However, there are details that need to be updated and now project coordinators can do this for their projects. We do keep a history of the license changes as well.
  • File Download Counts - In the previous versions of CodePlex we posted the number of file downloads in the recent activity section on the project home page. Many of you have asked for download counts to be totals as opposed to the last 7 days. In this deployment we have moved the download count from recent activity section to the releases tab. In addition we now list the total downloads on a per file basis. Thanks for the suggestion. Note: We have discovered an issue with the download counts and how they manifest themselves in the Popularity ranking on the Project Directory page. It seems that if you have an image in your wiki pages this is counted as a download as well. This is the cause of some projects having a small number of page views and very large download counts. This will be corrected in the November 7th deployment.

Please keep you comments and suggestions coming. Your feedback to date has been invaluable.