My Car was in for Patching (I mean service)

I was having a problem with my car last week and I took it into the dealership because it is still under warranty. The problem I was having was the radio worked intermittently. I figured that there was something wrong with the radio. Wrong! I received a call from the dealership at the end of the first day and they said they would need another day because they were having difficulties patching the software modules. :)

On day 2 I called again and the dealership indicated my car would be "fixed" before the end of the day. The problem today was that some of the patches they installed caused a hardware incompatibility with the telematics unit (~OnStar) in the car and it had to be replaced to work with the patched modules.

As I drove out of the dealership with my newly patched vehicle I had this strange feeling that my car was now less reliable due to its dependence on software. I would not have had that feeling if they said they had replaced the radio. Replacing the hardware seemed like a more permanent solution, which I find interesting. 

The upside of this is that since I am totally incompetant when it comes to fixing my car mechanically it appears that if the software was made available I might be able to work on my car.