NUnit Converter V0.5

I have released V0.5. You can get it here. Due to the feedback I received from Scott Densmore this new version has support for files contained in folders within a project and a number of other bugs he and Brian Button found when converting the tests in Enterprise Library. The other feature that was added to this version is a report on the results of the conversion which is displayed in the output window.

My next focus will be on providing information on the conversion process itself. I will display more comprehensive conversion information including information about whether or not a class could be converted. At the moment the only thing that could fail is when a test fixture class uses inheritance. However, there is functionality in V2.2 of NUnit that just will not convert and I want that to output as errors in the task list and output window. This is a big step along the way of fully supporting V2.2 and requires a change to the way that I was doing the conversion. Prior to this I was able to look at each individual attribute and just convert it. However I cannot do that and give you status about a specific test or test fixture. I should have this next version out by the middle of August.

I am looking forward to feedback. If you have suggestions or problems please send me email or enter bugs on the workspace.