patterns & practices - Enterprise Library and Pattern Share

It's been awhile but I have been pretty busy. I know both of these were delivered yesterday (28 January 2005) but I wanted to alert you to two new items from the patterns & practices team if you have not already heard.

The first one is Enterprise Library. Enterprise Library is a collection of seven application blocks for enterprise .NET development. The blocks in Enterprise Library assist in the following scenarios: Caching, Configuration, Cryptography, Data Access, Exception Handling, Logging and Security. The members of my team who worked on Enterprise Library included, Scott Densmore (Development Lead), Peter Provost, and Brian Button. The team has been working on this for close to a year. Not only is the functionality provided, along with the source code, but we have also shipped in the deliverable the unit tests that we use to validate the library. Congratulations to the team! If you want to find out more about Enterprise Library click here.

The second deliverable is The PatternShare community site brings together software patterns from different authors in one place to show relationships between existing patterns and to encourage you to contribute new ones. By combining our efforts, the patterns community can increase pattern usage and better meet the needs of developers and architects who use patterns. The person on my team who worked on this project was Naveen Yajaman. Congratulations to the entire team. I encourage you to check the site as well contribute ideas of your own.