Why Blog?

For a number of months many people have been after to me write a blog. I have resisted because I did not want to be one of the people who started writing a blog with a lot of energy only to see it whither to a few posts a year. However over the past few weeks (and last week at TechEd especially) I was convinced that I needed to start writing a blog to talk about some of things that I have a great deal of passion around.

The things I will be discussing will include unit testing frameworks (I was the lead developer of NUnit 2.0), Test-Driven Development in Microsoft .NET, Microsoft’s patterns & practices (I am the Development Lead), and general software development topics. My focus initially will be to delve deeply into the capabilities of the Visual Studio Team System. I hope people will find these discussions useful. Please let me know if I am on track or if I need some course correction.