A quick thank you

The theft of my laptop, bag, fleece, keys, etc was a pretty galling experience as I described in the post before this one. There’s never a good time for this to happen, but in the run up to our big  launch event at Wembley was especially inconvenient. What has come as a surprise – and a pleasant one this time – is the number of people who have taken the trouble to commiserate with me, from the people who commented to that post, to the friends who dropped me an email, to those people who came up to me in person (a lot at Wembley) and asked if I had got any of it back. (There was a tag on my keys which would mean they came back to be if thrown in a post box, and the Post Office would get a Microsoft security badge back to Microsoft UK. But no.)  To have enough people show the positive side of human nature that I’m able to lose count has been a bit of a silver lining to the whole experience. And at risk of analysing it all too much, the benefit rises exponentially with the number of people. It would NOT be right to name names here, (I don’t even know all the names) but the people concerned know who they are: Thank you, all of you.

update. Missed out a NOT in the original, which changed the sense somewhat. Oops.