Another year comes to another ending*.

Eileen has made here own pick of  Gimundo's "What I've learned" page (oddly termed the URL is "Thankful"... )  - though for pity's sake clicking through 700 plus thoughts 5 at a time (140 clicks) must mean she's read all the Christmas books. (Maybe next year I'll buy some people in the management chain Up the organization - or just led them my commemorative copy , that and Plain words)

When asked to contribute anything to these I usually joke that the four words on my tombstone will be "None the bloody wiser". Or send people to the "All I ever needed to know  I learned from Blake's 7"  which has gems like A man who trusts can never be betrayed, only mistaken.  

At this time of the year I like to go back to the Mayfly project - sum up your year in 24 words. It's quieter this year than in the past and I'm finding it hard to write something myself. Just a few hours left of the year to do it. ...


* The title is a corruption of something in one of Anne Clark's pieces

Another day comes to another ending
Another kiss seals another goodbye
We'll retrace our steps
Only separately now
You spoke so enchantingly
Yet you let me smother your words with kisses .