Change the world or go home ?


Hugh Mcleod's cartoon has a bit of a following in Microsoft, (it's only a matter of time before we see it on T-Shirts round here).  I like it because I like ambiguity in pictures, slogans and the like and Hugh gives 5 possible meanings on his blog.

I've mentioned the interviews I did in Barcelona and I always think the best interview are the ones where the interviewer knows what their interviewee has to say and asks just enough to entice them into saying it, hopefully giving the interview a theme. This is why I like Midweek on Radio 4 ; which I managed to catch this morning. One of the guests was John Wood who has published a book called  Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, about setting up Room to Read.   For the next few days the program will be on the Radio 4 Listen Again page. John saw the need to help educate children when he visited Nepal. His choice: Go back to his job at Microsoft and forget what he'd seen, or try to change the world. Interestingly this choice Change the world, or go home (to Microsoft) is one which Hugh leaves under "and so forth".

For those who can't take such a big step as John, but feel they want to do something, have a look at DigitalPipeline, which puts old but usable PCs to use in education in the developing world. Sometimes, changing the world begins at home.