My Account: Switched

When I posted about Vista RTM (Trolls: Slain, Lake: crossed, Mountain: climbed, Vista: Released.) I said it wasn't connected with the NatWest Adverts In the current one a woman walks round town (stopping for a beauty treatment with free Coffee: I know what you pay for a haircut when the coffee is thrown in.), explaining why she's had it with her bank

"My shop - extended hours. My bank - early doors."
"My cappuccino - thrown in. My branch number - thrown out."
"My favourite shop - a new store.  My bank - a trendy wine bar."
"My Patience - exhausted. My Account, switched"

In the previous advert we had a man walking round and I can't find the script for this but it was something like

"My shop - round the clock. My bank ?" We hear his phone saying 'please try later'  "clocked off"
"My Barber -a person. My bank ? ". We hear his phone saying 'Press 1 for ....'  "A robot"
The next part may have caused complaints, he looks up from a meal in a curry house.
"My Indian - Local, My Bank ?" he stares at the phone "India !"

He switched banks too. I've been trying to come up with something in the same vein, because on Thursday morning my mail box was moved to Exchange 2007.  Apart form the punch line of "My mail box - full. My account switched" I'm short of ideas ... if you can think of something post a comment.

As Darren pointed out this lights up some new features in outlook. He concentrated on meetings,  Darren, if you're going to use that title, the meeting location needs to be "Upon the heath"... and don't forget to invite Macbeth.

I'm off to Barcelona in a few minutes, which is my first chance to use the new out of office assistant which needs Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007.


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