Phase one: Capture one V4 has a new beta.

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Phase one and Microsoft had entered an alliance I got a mail to tell me about Capture one 4 beta 2. The web site has one of the most annoying bits of flash I've seen a while. There's a control to turn the cheesy music off but you can't do anything about the loud "tock" that's emitted when you hover over anything.

It looks like the UI has had a major re-vamp -which it puts me in mind of Adobe LightRoom (which I still haven't bought for myself). Functionally it hasn't changed much: but a nice feature is you can have multiple variants of the processing for the same RAW image. This means that you can keep a set of processing changes and try something different. It's able to straighten pictures now (why it wasn't before I don't know), and can handle DNG. But it still can't print as far as I can tell it has no answer for Lightroom's lovely back and white handling and split toning. Give me those things and and a clone / healing brush and I can work in a single program.

Like it's predecessor it does the things it does really well I'd say it's worth a look if you're serious about your photography. But I can see people going for the more complete offering from Adobe. I'll probably want both.

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