The VHD testdrive programme: get your Exchange 2007 here !

Here's an innovation. Ever since we acquired Connectix and their Virtual PC product, we've relied on sharing Virtual Machines - or more exactly Virtual Hard Disk files (VHDs) for looking at new products especially server ones.

Now we're making VHDs available for download. The official link is - which links here. Right now Windows 2003 R2, Exchange 2007, and SQL 2005 are available.

The page has links to a press release and an overview of the program.

There were 3 points in the mail I had announcing this.

  • Customers can download pre-configured evals as VHDs starting Nov 6.
  • At VMworld and IT Forum, {Microsoft folks} and partners can now distribute VHDs as evals.
  • Partners will be able to distribute Windows Server and other Microsoft Product evals as VHDs from Nov 6.

The mail I had which announced the programme gave a who's who of partners who will distributing VHDs. I'm not going to spoil any announcements they might have here. But if I read this correctly partners will be able take our demo VMs, add their own demo bits and distribute them. And we'll probably be giving out VHDs at events. Sounds good to me.


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