TV Indirect to your phone...

Well, well here's serendipity again. While Eileen was posting about "TV-Direct to your phone" I was noticing something in the options for Windows Media Player 11 on Vista, when I had my phone plugged in. There was a setting "Convert Music, Videos and TV shows as required by this device." Could this mean ... I had to wait for the postman to bring my new 1GB memory card, and with it installed , this evening was time to try it.

I've not recorded that much using Media Center on my laptop, but I did record Dr Who on Saturday (and it looks fantastic at 1200x720 resolution on my TV.) What happens if I drag it into the sync column on my phone ? It converts and syncs. Normally I'd view it full screen, but just to show you it works... look left

I wouldn't watch all my TV on something that small, but to while away time at the airport, or catch up on TV on the bus/train to work.. sure. And 52 minutes of TV took 60.3MB of space, which means I've got room for quite a lot in 1GB. Now to figure out how to automate the sync process.

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