We're not afraid.

We are not afraidConsidering it was less than 2 years ago, I have relatively few memories of the London bombings of Thursday, 7th of July. One is that the following Monday the travel information ran roughly as follows:
"The Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines metropolitan lines are partially closed following explosions at Edgeware Road and Aldgate, and the Piccadilly Line is badly affected by the explosion near Kings Cross. London Transport will be operating a near normal service".

I don't know who wrote that, and what mixture of Dunkirk spirit, Gallows Humor  and cynicism about public transport spawned it. Something of that spawned the web site We're not afraid.com. Somewhere in the 770 galleries on the site is my small contribution. I quoted it when Colleagues in the US asked if we were OK. London, I told them, withstood everything the Luftwaffe could throw at it. It withstood a sustained campaign from the IRA. It takes far more than that to scare us into changing how we live [sometimes when I see where our Civil liberties are going I worry that that is just wishful thinking].  London, I told them, is one of the worlds great cities, and when the worst happens, Great cities recover: ask Madrid; ask New York.

For all the Bravado, and the "Is that all you can do ?" defiance, I'm heartily glad that whatever was being attempted in London and Glasgow over recent days came to naught. And it's not surprising that some people are jittery. At times like this large companies - especially prominent American ones - send security advisory mails to their employees. Our's went out on Sunday afternoon and it's all good sense but I must share one line of it.  

If you know of a threat to national security contact the Security Service ( www.mi5.gov.uk ) or MS Corporate Security via the Security Operations Centre at Reading

I always thought our security guys were good :-)   


Sorry for the diversion, a near normal service will be resumed soon.