A Data Mining Web Log

This is to be my WebLog which I have been putting off writing for quite some time. Now that we are getting closer to Beta 3 of SQL Server 2005 it seems more appropriate to get started as what I'm working on and talking about will have more relevance since more people will actually be able to use the product I spend my days and nights working on and thinking about.

Generally this log will be more of a diary containing technical tidbits and usage notes and information about my work, which is being the lead of the Data Mining development team in SQL Server. My team and I regularly add content to SQLServerDataMining.com where you can find downloads, tips and tricks, and live data mining applications running on a Beta 2 server - I think this blog will complement that and I'll talk about how other customers are using data mining for thier businesses (without being too specific, of course)

For example, Monday I was wrapping up Chapter 3 of my upcoming book on SQL Server Data Mining to be published later this year by Wiley Press. Chapter 3 is all about leveraging the tools we provide for data mining. While I was writing the section on Reporting Services integration, I noticed that I could emulate our Classification Matrix in a report and viola! I ended up with this weeks Tip or Trick!

(An interesting note about our classification matrix. The official term for it for those in the know is a "confusion matrix." However, those not in the know found the term confusion matrix too confusing, since maybe they were confused by data mining to begin with, so we changed the name to a the more friendly, and still accurate "classification matrix)

In any case, hope to see you here for those that are interested in SQL Server Data Mining. Later!