Busy busy month

I've kind of gotten out of the blog habit since before TechEd in June. Before TechEd I was disconnected for a week on a "vacation" visiting family for a niece-in-law's graduation. Boy, I could have blogged a lot that week - but only if I could guarantee that nobody from the family would have ever read it.... Anyway....

For the past few weeks I've been transitioning into my new role as Dev Manager for Analysis Services. I will still be doing all the data mining stuff that I've been driving for that past six years but will now also be responsible for the development of the OLAP side of the project. Luckily I have a team of undisputed experts at my disposal that will make this job easy.

SQLServerDataMining.com is still down. We've removed the machine from our previous hosting location to upgrade and are installing it in it's new home later today. There's been quite a few changes between Beta 2 and the June CTP so it took a couple days to upgrade from the beta and from VS7 to VS8 and fix up the applications that are running on the system. Having the newer bits will allow us to add some more interesting applications and new samples which we will do as much as we can. I'm also going to implement "video tips and tricks" where my team and I will do some screen captures and narrations showing specific tasks.

Next week I will be going to TechEd EMEA in Amsterdam - which is always great fun. My kids love the picture of the little cars.....

My scheduled Webcast on integrating data mining with the other BI technologies in the SQL Server box will be delivered by Zhaohui Tang - the data mining Program Manager - be sure to watch it next Thursday - you can register here

Many who watched my webcast from yesterday have requested the code samples I demonstrated. If I can't get them up on SSDM today, I'll follow up with a blog post containing the code snippets.