Important Update for the Data Mining Addins!

Due to a late found performance regression we decided to rerelease the data mining addins.  A change we made in the product shortly before release was causing queries in the Data Mining Client for Excel to take several minutes instead of several seconds.  With the fix, for example, I can do a prediction query against 10,000 rows in Excel and have the results populated back in to the worksheet in under 20 seconds on my laptop.

I recommend that everybody download the update and install the new version.  In addition to the query performance fix, there are also performance fixes for the column selection wizard page and continuous valued scatter plots.  We also made some fixes to ensure that users of SQL Server Standard Edition have a good user experience.  Users of SQL Server Standard Edition will have to install the SP2 Cumulative Hotfix update in addition to the new addins.

As always keep in touch with the data mining team and ask questions through our MSDN forum - we're happy to help out and love to hear any suggestions to improve the product.