KDD 2008 and Incredibly Awesome SQL 2008 Data Mining Demos

Bogdan and Raman are currently outside of Las Vegas at the KDD 2008 (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) conference.  At the conference they are showing all the goodness that is SQL Server 2008 Data Mining, but also a "secret project" that Bogdan has been working on all summer - Data Mining in the Cloud.  That's right - access to the awesome data mining functionality of SQL Server 2008 with no local Analysis Services server.

Currently the technology demonstration allows you to access the Table Analysis Tools for Excel 2007 by connecting to our hosted data mining service, meaning you can use the Table Analysis Tools anywhere at anytime without connectivity to your local IT infrastructure.  Additionally there is a web interface that allows you to upload a limited amount of data and play with the tools without even having Excel!   Currently only a few of the tools are implemented in the web interface.  If for any reason you haven't had a chance to grab those amazing Table Analysis Tools and see what SQL Server Data Mining can do for you - run, don't walk, over to http://www.sqlserverdatamining.com/cloud/ and try them out right now!

Not to limit ourselves to revolutionary cloud data mining technology, the data mining team here in SQL Server also created another demo application that clearly shows the amazing advances in our Time Series algorithm.  Shuvro and Tatyana put together an incredible application that front ends the time series capabilities of SQL Server 2008.  In this application, you not only get a simple interface for creating time series models resulting in a chart showing the historical and forecasted data, but you can also hover over any forecasted points and it will highlight all the data points in that series and other series that have an impact on the prediction!  Even more, you can click and drag forecasted values to see how they change future predictions!  Even more,  the application will show you all the DMX statements that it uses to create these models and generate these forecasts.  This demo is truly an incredible piece of work.  You can find out more about the demo and how to download it at http://www.sqlserverdatamining.com/ssdm/Home/TipsTricks/tabid/61/Default.aspx?id=383.