Support Vector Machines for SQL Server Data Mining

Many have requested that we implement Support Vector Machines (SVM's) for SQL Server 2008, and for a wide variety of reasons, we just couldn't get to it.  Luckily the community has come to the rescue for those needing an SVM implementation today!  Joris Valkonet of Avanade Netherlands along with colleague Thanh Luc have implemented an SVM plug-in algorithm and viewer.  Not only that, but Joris has released the plug-in along with all of the source code at CodePlex so you can customize the algorithm for your own purposes or at least get another example of how algorithms and viewers are implemented.

Below is a screenshot from the viewer showing cancer classification split across two selectable axes with green and blue indicating correctly classified benign and malignant tumors respectively and red indicating misclassifications.

The plug-in and code can be found at