Agile adoption at the methodology level

I jumpstarted my PDC experience this year by attending a pre-conference talk on Agile Perspective; Industry and Microsoft.  I was surprised to see such strong turn out on a Sunday.  There appeared to be about 200 people at the talk.

Many times I need to hear something several times before I have an "a-ha" moment.  Today I really internalized that Agile software development gives you a big toolbox of development methodologies (i.e. XP, scum, TDD).  However, the unit of agile adoption is really at the methodology level.  To be "agile" you need to be using at least one of the agile methodologies... not really all of them.  However, when you use one of the agile tools (e.g. scrum) adoption needs to be 100%.  Adopting only parts of, say, scrum, just make a mess and will not get you any of the team work, adaptability and quick response to change that you may want.