A great initiative and offer Home Access


As part of my training for BETT I learnt about the HOME ACCESS programme.

This looks a really fantastic initiative to open up access to computing to children and parents who are less privileged.

As I sat at home watching my two boys using Xbox 360, ps3 etc . Plus moving through applications and surfing online with ease  it really strikes home to have this potentially available to children who come from less privileged circumstances. Some of the key takeaways for this are;

Home Access is unlike other PC programmes

-It doesn’t measure success by the number of PCs shifted

-It focuses the benefits of sustained and meaningful use in the family

-It recognises that families who benefit will have limited ICT experience

Home Access focuses on sustainability

-The PC package includes PC / Software / Tech Support and Broadband

-All software is installed and pre-activated

-Significant assistive technologies have been included

Home Access promises a “safe out of the box” experience

-With user accounts for parents and students set up

-And parental controls and filtering installed and activated

-And training offered as part of the package

All the suppliers will provide information packs for new owner

Check out our  website for more details.


We are going to be making all our visitors to the Microsoft stand at BETT aware of this great Initiative so I encourage you all to let all your schools and friends know about this initiative.