Internet Explorer 7 - Getting to grips with new functionality

I have installed IE7 Beta 3 and have been experimenting with some of the new functionality. I am really enjoying  one of the cool things a fellow colleague in PFE (Premier Field Engineering)  Mark Thomas recently highlighted to me. This  is the following feature, The extensible search feature. This feature allows you to take advantage of certain Web sites allowing you to add their search provider to your list. So you can incorporate into the search function of IE7, all of your favorite Web sites you search on a regular basis, e.g. Amazon etc. To do this carry out the following instructions;


· Go to the website that you want to search and enter a search

· Copy the URL from the results page (you’ll also need to provide a shortname and description)

· Go to

· Paste the results URL into the URL box

· Replace your search criteria with “{searchTerms}” (without the quotes)

· Hit the “generate” button at the bottom of the page

· Use the result as you see fit.

I think this is a really useful feature as you have now only one click away a whole range of customised exstensible searches all honed to quickly find what you need and desire from your favorite web sites.

Enjoy !