Now remember Wipe your Disk !

There was recently  some articles in the press  that received allot of coverage regarding UK Bank details being sold in Nigeria, due to the fact that old recycled PCs had not had their hard disks adequately wiped. Well this got me thinking as both in my personal life and work life I have recently donated to charity, plus handed back because of a hardware refresh a couple of laptops ; both of which had held personal and commercial -  in confidence data on their drives. Well after some hunting and following a email trail, I came across  a super utility which IMHO works well both in a Home P.C. environment and a Commercial Environment too. This utility is called PDWIPE (Physical Drive Wipe). This little standalone utility  is capable of wiping large hard drives (in excess of 8.4Gb) at amazing speeds!. It uses an impressive array of switches which gives you the ability to run it in Batch File Operation, plus also specify an alternative character to 0 to be used during the wipe process. If all the documentation is true it also conforms to an impressive array of security standards such as the NAVSO P5239-10, and the DOD 5220.22-M. So when you looking to be charitable or your Company is looking to ensure that no Commercial - Confidence -Data is left on obsolete equipment, then IMHO give this software a trial.