What a day Digigirlz Part Two



Well once again we had a fantastic day at Microsoft on the 27th of November. We held our second Digigirlz event of the year. We had over 200 girls and teachers who attended our event here in Reading. It was a packed day full of interactive presentations . We had Andy Sithers and Mark A’Bear doing some great presentations around Digital Photography and Surface. Our main challenge of the day was to encourage the girls to come up the

“Design the Next big IT Accessory”. The schools were divided down into teams of around 10 and given 2 1/2 hours to come up with their ideas. There were some really truely great ideas and it never ceases to amaze me the imagination and energy that these girls show.

Congratulations goes to Queen Annes School whose idea was ICQ which was based around some digital sunglasses which enabled you to have a multimedia internet based Sunglasses !. Brilliant Idea that was executed and presented using PhotoStory. 

In the afternoon we had a really fantastic and interesting session delivered by Peter MCowan of the University of London

“The Magic and intelligence of Computer Science”



He has a brilliant website which I recommend you check out.

I always feel completely shattered but on an incredible high after each event. Roll on the next event in June 2010.

We are going to put our heads together to think up a completely new type of challenge  :)

See below for some pictures from the day ;


IMG_6300 IMG_6305    IMG_6298IMG_6431   IMG_6368IMG_6399IMG_6430