What a ride

I would just like to say thankyou to all those that attended the Exchange Vista Office UK IT Pro Product Launch yesterday at Thames Valley Park in Reading. It was nice meeting so many people at the breaks and talking "technology". I enjoyed the day and it was great to have a chance to demo some of the great new features and functionality of Office System 2007 along with Exchange 2007 and Vista. One guy commented on Eileens Browns blog that he thought we were clearly mad, putting ourselves in the hands of the "Demo Gods" all day. Lets be honest sometimes the Gods were kind to us...other times not quite so kind. But heh there is nothing like the pure Adrenaline rush when you are waiting for your Authentication process to work in front of 250 people !. My favorite quote of the day was from Elieen, describing what we were doing as a "Indy car Race"....it certainly had its moments !. I hope that everyone got what they wanted out of the days proceedings, I certainly learnt loads from my colleagues, and has further inspired me to find out more.Maybe I will meet a few of you again in the future....I look forward to it.