Blog moved… back!

So wait what did just happen? Previous post said that this blog is moved to elsewhere and now it’s moved back? Yes that’s exactly what happened Smile. After few years of silence I’m now again trying to get back into habit of writing some interesting topics down. No promises but let’s see.

What are next things you should expect to see in here then? Well I have been lately working on thing I like to call “My Pocket Solitaire” (it’s Peg solitaire but I use different name for that). It’s one of those things that I seem to get back over and over again. Even after many years of break between. So clearly it’s puzzle that keeps my brains busy every now and then. I will create series of posts just from this topic because there are many different aspects on it. You can learn Algorithms as well as different technologies when solving and working with interesting puzzle. And all this nice and interesting stuff while having fun programming!

Also since I have been away from this blog for years I’ll have to now process those unread feedback and contact messages that have been sent to me. I just quickly rushed them thru and noticed that there are couple of interesting things that I will get back to. So more about those in later posts.

Anyways... Happy hacking!