Treo 700w and MSFP

Since the launch by Verizon yesterday I've had lots of emails from customers confused as to whether the Treo 700w contains the Messaging and Security Feature Pack. 

From Palm's specification on their site:

It states that the Treo 700w uses Windows Mobile®

From my previous post regarding how to tell what version of Windows Mobile 5.0 you are running - means that the Treo 700w does not use AKU v2.0 and therefore does not contain the Messaging and Security Feature Pack ... Yet....

The new Treo will however connect directly with Microsoft Exchange Server and Small Business Server so businesses can use Outlook Mobile to access email, calendar and contacts wirelessly, wherever they are.  The technologies such as ‘push email’ coming in the Messaging and Security Feature Pack will be available as an upgrade through a future ROM update via the Palm software updater.

Hope that helps clarify the situation.