Keep The Important Things In Mind

Last week was one of the more stressful weeks of my life. The result has been a reminder of what is important. My father went through open heart surgery and has come out of it fine, but there was a day of "complications" which added a wrinkle or two to my face.

I am certainly more aware this week that Open XML and ODF are doc format standards, that work is important, but that none of it is even remotely close to the top of my priority list.

I have to note that the nerd in me was completely impressed with the technology involved with the whole experience. The micro-processor has made such an incredible difference. The processing power required to design the equipment used, to design and test the drugs, to even imagine the crazy stuff the doctors were able to do - never mind the monitoring and care following the surgery - simply amazing.

Anyway - I'll jump down from my high horse now and get back into the slugfest over document formats...but with a bit more perspective.