Open XML Support By IBM

Having been out all last week, I seem to have missed the opportunity to communicate about the fact that IBM is supporting Open XML in IBM Lotus Quickr, IBM Websphere Portal, IBM DB2 Content Manager v8.4, and IBM DB2 9 pureXML. Computerworld commented on this as well.

If National Bodies are trying to determine the marketplace viability of the Open XML document format - and the ability for other companies to implement it - this would seem to be a good sign that Open XML is in scope for international standardization.

This is to say nothing of the fact that ALL of the comments have been addressed in the dispositions work and is now available for review by the NBs. Following the Sept. 2 vote, the Project Editor along with support from Ecma TC45 committed to address all comments - not just those submitted along with "no" votes. 3,522 comments were addressed in the dispositions. It does not mean that each NB must review all 3,522. They need to review their own comments, and the dispositions for those comments. For all countries, this is a much shorter list. Even within those lists, the NBs then need to think about which of their comments are most critical to them.