Vacation next week - my blog will be quiet

I know that we have a bunch of active conversations going on here in the comments of various postings. I am going to be out for the next 2 weeks on vacation, but given the huge amount of spam that comes into my blog, I am unwilling to open it up for un-moderated posting. I will definitely be offline for 1 week, but my second I'll be kicking around home, working on some projects and mountain biking in the Portland area. I'll get back on my blog then.

I'm looking forward to next week as we'll be driving down to see the Redwoods of California and southern Oregon. I have lived in Portland g_art_redwoodsfor 14 years and have never gone to see them. We're going to be camping and hanging out in various parks and beaches on the coast. I promise not to think about standards, open source, or patents for that entire time.

Have a good week.