Webcast Update - PerformancePoint Dashboards for Dynamics AX




PerformancePoint Dashboards for Dynamic AX


Recorded: October 20, 2008

Nils Rasmussen & Jim Lacenski, Solver USA

Jason Morales, Microsoft


Length: 36 minutes



Overview: Microsoft Business Intelligence

Product Demo: PerformancePoint Server Dashboards for Dynamics AX


00:00 - 15:42 Opening Slides

Microsoft BI Vision, Platform & Architecture

PerformancePoint: Monitor, Analyze, Plan

Integration Options for PerformancePoint and Dynamics AX

15:43 – 23:14 PerformancePoint Dashboard Demo

- SharePoint integration

- Example: key summaries from General Ledger account from Dynamics AX

- Compare Actual vs Target

- Drill Down & Cross Drill through charts & grids

- Export Dashboard Views to Excel & PowerPoint

24:20 - 45:59 Steps creating a Dashboard using PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer

The PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer lets you easily create and manage

Refer to Office Online for…

How do I create a PerformancePoint dashboard?

Create a Data Source

How do I build a scorecard?

Learn about report templates

33:17 – 35:37 Wrap Up