Farewell, C# IDE

After a few years working on the C# IDE, I have moved to a new job.  I am now the development lead for the Visual Studio Debugger.  This was Andy's job before he left to work on Windows Media stuff.

This sounds like a bigger change than it is.  I have the same boss (Steve), I'm still in the C# Product Unit (although the debugger is for all languages), and I'm on the same floor of the same building.  When Andy left, I took on two of the debugger devs as their acting manager, so even that stays the same.

For those playing along at home, my reports with blogs are: Gregg, Steve, Raj, and Jim.

The C# IDE team is now led by Mike, who previously was a dev on the C# compiler.  Congratulations, Mike!  I'm confident he will do a great job with that great team.