Azure .NET Services - July CTP SDK Released


Great news for folks developing on Windows 7 - the July CTP of the .NET Services SDK has just been released.
Microsoft .NET Services is part of the Azure Services Platform and includes two services: the Access Control Service and the Service Bus.  This update includes improvements in the following areas:

  • Windows 7 RC Support - .NET Services now supports Windows 7 RC, in addition to Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Vista.  The July CTP Release SDK can be installed on machines running Windows 7 RC.
  • Set-up - There are multiple improvements in the set-up experience, which make it quicker for developers to get started and take advantage of the benefits of .NET Services:
  • One-click install.
    Integrated installer (combined UI/ unattended install) for both the SDK and the Client Redistributable.
    The SDK installer n Technorati Tags: .NET Services,Azure,Visual Studio
  • ow also supports incremental upgrades.
  • Workflow Service – As announced previously, after listening to much customer feedback, this service is being removed from .NET Services until further notice.

This CTP release continues support for web standards and interoperability, and makes it simpler for developers to connect cloud applications and services across platforms. It allows web developers using any programming language to use the .NET Service Bus to connect, collaborate, and create federated applications. 

You can also do some pretty cool things using the Azure .NET Services infrastructure - like allowing (via the cloud) for dynamically-negotiated faster, upgraded, direct, network connections between the client and server endpoints.  In connecting cloud applications to your enterprise, this ability will dramatically increase the network bandwidth and application performance metrics of your application. 


Add in the Azure .NET Access Control Services to configure/manage user authorizations and permissions on service operations in a straightforward manner.  You can quickly start to see an  integrated cloud2enterprise (C2E) services solution develop rapidly and easily using the Azure Services platform.  Check it out!

Get the July .NET Services CTP Download at:

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More information on the Azure Platform / .NET Services SDK can be found at: