Boston ReMIX - Silverlight & Moonlight, Cats & Dogs, Living Together Oh My!

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In case you haven't heard yet, Microsoft is partnering with Novell to deliver an implementation of Silverlight for Linux called Moonlight. By expanding the cross platform support, customers can experience the benefits of Silverlight regardless of the operating system.

It has just been announced that Brad Abrams will be hosting Miguel de Icaza during the ReMIX Boston (Oct 8-9) opening keynote to showcase the cooperative efforts between Microsoft and Novell to create a wider, cross-platform, implementation of Silverlight...yet another great reason to attend this extraordinary event. 

To register, click here. As a dedicated reader of this blog, I also invite you to attend at $100 off the retail price of $299 by using this RSVP Code: RM07INTB


See you at ReMIX Boston!