Dot Net Tiki Hut - Coming to Orlando - Friday, 11/02/2007

Don't miss this special Triple-Tag-Team presentation! All 3 of your Florida Evangelists in the same location, at the same time...and with a special Tiki Hut Theme (i.e. a great excuse for wearing Hawaiian shirts to work!)

11/02/2007, Friday, Orlando, FL
hosted by OneTug - Orlando .NET User Group, DeVry University Orlando, 4000 Millenia Blvd., Orlando, FL 32839

*Special Agenda* - Additional Session - Russ Fustino
1:00-1:50 :: Expression Web
1:50-2:40 :: It's All About The Tools - Episode 2 Preview, brand new!!!
2:40-3:20 :: {break - hula contest anyone?}
3:20-4:10 :: Virtual Earth :: let's plot some of the world greatest beach bars using VE?
4:10-5:00 :: Silverlight
It's All About The Tools - Episode 2 Preview, brand new!!!
Did you ever feel inundated with developer tools? Did you ever feel you are missing something that could make your life easier as a developer and as a power user? There are so many tools available to choose from and it keeps getting tougher to keep up with. Tool familiarity continues to be one of the top developer challenges. This series of seminars is all about tools for developers, by developers. Join Microsoft Florida Developer Evangelist Russ Fustino he brings you demos and discussion about his favorite developer tools. Attend this session and see tools including but not limited to: Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Office (VSTO 3.0), Popfly, Visual Studio Team Suite DB Professional Edition, Tafiti, and Community tool web sites. There's something here for everyone, from beginners to experts. Don't miss this event. It's where "It's AATT"!

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