Internet Explorer 8 For Developers


Thanks! to everyone who came out recently to my session on Internet Explorer 8 for Developers. In this session we explored some of the new features in Internet Explorer 8 and how you can take advantage of them from a developer’s perspective. The session also provided an overview of the browser compatibility and migration tools and resources that are available to help you remediate web applications that leveraged prior versions of Internet Explorer.

Windows Internet Explorer 8’s enhanced developer tools expose the internal elements of web pages to help research and resolve problems involving HTML, CSS, and script. The session will provide an overview of these built-in tools and usage:

  • CSS Tool - that displays various rules defined by style sheets that are loaded by your web pages.
  • Script Debugging - using a built-in lightweight debugger that lets you set breakpoints and step through client-side script without leaving Windows Internet Explorer.
  • Version mode switching - settings that allow you to switch into different browser modes to test content for standards compliance.
  • Profiler - a built-in tool to show where the browser spends most of its time in execution so Web page authors can focus optimizations.

We also covered other related topics and tools:

· HTML Enhancements / CSS Improvements in Internet Explorer 8.

· AJAX Enhancements.

· Web page size reduction.

· Accessibility / ActiveX Improvements.

· Fiddler for web payload debugging.

For IE6 compatibility and migration guidance – check-out:

Download the slides & demos: