Lap Around Windows Azure and the Azure Services Platform


Thanks to everybody who came out to my "Lap Around Windows Azure" talks!

As promised, here is a link to the presentation in my Skydrive folder:


Before you can run the demos - download and install the Azure SDK &  Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio:

And, as for the uber-kewl-kloud demos - here's where you can find them:


  • Thumbnail Demo (Web Role and Worker Role):
    • After you install the SDk, the SDK samples can be found in C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.0\ file.
    • Look for the Thumbnail sample in the .zip file - note that it has a dependency on the Storage Client project.
    • Note how the properties of the image reveal that the source is now from the local BLOB storage - this demonstrates that the Worker role completed processing the queued request from the Web Role process.


  • SQL Data Services - Management Console:
    • This is an outstanding utility for viewing data that you have pushed into SQL Server Data Services. Download it form here:
    • The beauty of this little application is that it allows you to go "spelunking" thru your data in the cloud - by following the ACE structure - Authority / Container / Entity:


    • Now you can touch, smell, and taste your data!


SQL Data Services - "Northwind" Test Upload Harness

    • Download the demo sample code from here:
    • Remember that your SDS project name is the User ID!
    • After you upload your Northwind data to the cloud - you can test the performance difference between the SOAP and REST invocation methods.
    • Note that using the REST interface yields significant performance gains
      • Definitely something to look at if your application does not require advanced security or strict adherence to the SOAP API.

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