ReMIX Boston October 8-9, 2007 - Need another reason to go?

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Well, if your STILL on the about a voucher to every attendee for a $120 online shopping spree at the Microsoft Company store?

Legend has it that the Microsoft Company Store has some incredible deals on software, hardware, apparel, and almost anything you could possibly attach a Microsoft logo onto...a very cool perk normally reserved only for MS employees.  

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Hmmn - let's take a look... Windows Vista Ultimate plus Office Ultimate 2007 - there's a quick no-brainer shopping spree...or maybe a few XBOX 360 games, a few golf balls, a backpack, stainless steel mug, and, well, you get the picture...

Ok then - now get thee to Boston - and take $100 off the registration price - be sure to use this RSVP Code: RM07INTB