ReMIX07 Boston - One Awesome Event!

I'm still recovering from massive sleep deprivation from the REMIX07 event this week in Boston...2+ full days of great speakers, partners, and parties...and some really groundbreaking presentations - like Brad Abrams and Miguel de Icaza on stage together discussing Silverlight on Linux via the Moonlight, talk about Détente between rival nations - this was truly a groundbreaking moment in IT history!

Other highlights included Lightmaker from Orlando - who showed-off their slick Silverlight eCommerce applications they developed for the Orlando Magic - the Seat Selector demo set off a wide-angle "WOW" from the crowd when you get the 3D video of the action from the selected seat...just awesome! - select Section I and then "See View"...

The folks from ComponentOne showed off their latest set of cool Silverlight controls and formally released this slick Silverlight Stock Portfolio tracking application: 

Our own Jim Zimmerman from Tampa was also a big crowd pleaser with his talks on ASP.NET Ajax and the Ajax Control Toolkit - you can see his recorded video sessions on "High-Speed Development with the AJAX Control Toolkit" posted at

Russ Fustino - a.k.a "The ToolShed" was out in full force and took some great photos of the event - see these links:

I can't wait till next year!    

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