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A huge "Thanks!" to everyone who attended the ProDev Partner Briefing in the Microsoft Tampa office yesterday.  Below are links to the materials and key links from my two presentations on Microsoft's Software +  Services strategy and Building Blocks for the Next Generation Web.

Link to the PowerPoint decks: http://cid-e80ea9288abd4452.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Partner%20ProDev%20Briefing

And also be sure to join the "Partner Huddle" group on FaceBook and check-out John McClelland's blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/johnm/default.aspx to keep informed of future Microsoft partner events in your area. 

Software + Services:

Be sure to check-out the LitwareHR S+S demo at www.codeplex.com/LitwareHR


Here's a brief rundown on the latest features:

  • Upgraded codebase for SQL Server Data Services support
  • New "DataModel" that works with SSDS "flexible entities"
  • New infrastructure for data access to SSDS including:
    • Client side caching for hi-latency scenarios
    • Parallel cross-container search
    • Support for offline development
  • Shipped all Unit Tests for the component

New User Experience improvements:

  • Improved graphics and layout design
  • Helper links for streamlining demos ("auto-complete" in most forms for demos)
  • New "Dependency Checker" tool to verify and install pre-requisites
  • New config tool to setup LitwareHR's multiple components

The MSI contains all the tools, source code, unit tests and some binary dependencies to build LitwareHR (e.g. Enterprise Library). You will need Visual Studio 2008 to build all.  Check it out!

Windows Live "Building Block" Services


Be sure to check-out the complete end-end demos (with source full source code) at www.Codeplex.com/WLQuickapps

Here's a quick overview of the sample scenarios and API's that are demonstrated:



There are even more scenarios covered at www.Codeplex.com/WLQuickapps - Check it out!

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