Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW!


That’s right – with yesterday’s announcement, the tools are now final – now is the time to “Lock & Load” on building the next generation of amazing mobile applications – Powered by Windows Phone 7.  Whether you are newcomer to the platform or already have been developing with Silverlight or XNA you’ll find the transition is painless, quick, and easy.  Your first stop is the Windows Phone Developer Portal for all the resources to get started building your applications today. 


Next, get a head start and be ready for the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile launch by signing-up (it costs just $99) and get ready to register your applications in the marketplace.  Savvy marketers will tell you that “first in wins” –  there’s nothing like being found on the shelves of a brand new store.

Here are some additional guides & resources to help get you started quickly:

Get ready to see some amazing new experiences on the Windows Phone 7 platform!

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