Click the Button


I'm so ready to click that thing -- Transitionals is ready to go!

Since my last post, so many things have happened. Certainly not the least of which is having David Hill from the original Acropolis team do a code reviewing with me over Live Meeting. How cool is that?

From a code perspective, RandomTransitionSelector can now load all the transitions in an assembly and even lets you customize one or two without having to list them all. I finished the Getting Started article and even got a great Sandcastle help file built. I got the binaries and the chm file zipped up and and posted to the workspace as part of the first release. It's all there, I just have to click that button.

The hold up is that I found out yesterday there's one last approval we have to get from MS legal before I can make the project public. Hopefully we'll have that tomorrow, but I'm sure anxious.

Maybe tomorrow I can click the button.