Virtual Earth in Silverlight with VIEWS

I recently had the honor of participate in Incubation Week out in Silicon Valley. Leading up to the event we realized that at least two out of our six participants wanted to integrate Virtual Earth and Silverlight. I searched for guidance online but only turned up a few browser interop samples. I didn't find any really good managed wrappers for Virtual Earth until I started digging around internally. Then I found VIEWS.

VIEWS was originally created by Adam Eversole in Microsoft Research and it was an internal-only project when I found it. But with Adams assistance I was able to refine it, polish it and get it ready for public consumption in about 8 days; just in time for Incubation Week.

Today I'm happy to announce that VIEWS is live on CodePlex. You can download the binaries and the source, but to get acquainted quickly simply head on over to Channel 9 for a video introduction.