have you seen OneNote 2003?

finally.  after 9 nights away in new orleans, i'm home.  on the flight i played with OneNote 2003.  it's part of microsoft office 2003, and it was the first time i'd used it.  it's very impressive.  after using it for an hour i found so many cool features, and i've barely scratched the surface.  i don't have a tablet pc, but it works great with even a 'dumb laptop'.

one disconcerting note: just after i sat down (last leg home) in my seat, the lady across the aisle asked me if there was an airsick bag in the seat pocket in front of me.  great.  i'm happy to report that she slept most of the time and kept her cookies down.  she didn't blow.  (thank you for taking dramamine, whoever you were!)