Keeping web projects organized...

I'm working with the Boise .NET Developer User Group.  We're doing an MCAD certification study group, using the MS Press study guides as our primary reference material.

I looked at the ton of labs we’re going to be working during our study group. 

Then I thought about how cluttered my inetpub\wwwroot directory will become if I let VS.NET create the virtual directory for each lab assignment.

To help keep things in one place, I'll use this approach:
* I’ve created a folder called “C:\BlizVsNet11\NetDug\McadWeb”
* Inside this folder I’ll create folders for each chapter, such as “C:\BlizVsNet11\NetDug\McadWeb\CH02Labs”
* I’ll use Internet Services Manager (the IIS management console) to turn the chapter lab folder into a virtual directory.  (Most of the time I'll take the shortcut route here and right-click on the folder in Windows Explorer, Properties -> Web Sharing -> Share this folder.   One note: this route uses integrated security and does not allow anonymous access, which means I have to remember to use ISM for web services.)
In VS.NET, I’ll do the following
* First I’ll create an empty solution for the lab (File -> New -> Blank solution…).
* In the Name text box I type ch02labs
* In the Location text box I type “C:\BlizVsNet11\netdug\mcadweb”
* Once the solution has been created I add a web application project to it.  (Right click on solution name in the solution explorer, Add -> New project…)
* In the Location text box, I type http://localhost/ch02labs for the location.

By taking these steps everything (including the solution (.sln) file) is in one folder.  It takes just a bit longer at the start, but it helps me stay organized.