Another Viva Pinata is coming !!!

No, not a sequel to the first Xbox 360 game - which is too bad, because that really is a good game.  The current VP game is great for kids and one of the best reasons I had for putting a second Xbox360 in my house.  The first one is all mine, but my wife and kids (and I) love that game.  For the kids, its fun to to create gardens (habitats for the pinata to live in).  But after a while, the strategy of food-chains and nurturing kick in - and it starts to get my obsessive compulsive RTS juices flowing.  As one article from the Digital Gamer states, it really is one of the best games from 2006 that you may not own.

But that isn't the primary reason for this blog post.  PS> did I mention that the current Viva Pinata is really awesome, highly addictive after a few hours, and your family will thank you for getting it.  :-)


(sorry) ... so this week, I saw "Viva Pinata : Party Animals" listed on XBOX.COM !!! (game listing here)

It appears to be being developed by Krome Studios, instead of Rare.  And while I am a huge fan of more than a few Rare titles, Krome did the Ty Tasmanian Tiger series (1-2-3) that are also kid-friendly and owned in my house.  Details on VP:PA is not yet on Krome's website, so we will all need to check back later on that one.

While not a sequel, it appears to use the same characters but a family-friendly, multi-player online and offline format.  Perhaps along the style of Nintendo Mario Party or Disney Party format(?) and boasts more than 40 mini-games.  Since my family night routinely includes playing those titles, and all five members of my household currently have Viva Pinata gardens that they are tending ... we will definitely be looking forward to becoming "Party Animals" when this title releases.