An interesting blog to check out

Between work at MS, several hobbies, and my two kids I find that I have very little time to read other blogs.  I have tried at times to follow certain blogs but I usually stop reading once I come across a series of less interesting subjects (I'm sure this blog has lost a lot of readers due to that :) ).  One day I noticed that my cousin, who lives in upstate NY, has a nature blog.  So I started reading it and I must admit that I am hooked.  I have always been interested in nature and I find it fascinating how the complex relationships between plants, animals, and bugs work.  Before going to Peru, I read several books to learn about the rain forest - my favorite ones being.

 A Neotropical Companion by John Kricher

Tropical Nature - Life and Death in the Rain Forests of Central and South America by Adrian Forsyth and Ken Miyata

One thing I find fascinating about Tom's blogs is how many of the same ecological phenomena that occur in the rain forests also occur in our deciduous forests.  For instance, Tom's post today on ecological niches is one of many theories proposed to explain why so many different species exist in rain forests.  For those interested in learning a bit more about the nature around you, I suggest you take a look at his blog and if you would like a hint at how complex nature is entwined together the books above make great reading - especially the first one which really gets into some details - though when I spoke with my guide in Peru he mentioned that Tropical Nature was more accurate.