Announcing the new blogs!

Several days ago I mentioned that I will be splitting my blogs so that I can focus directly on Microsoft related discussions here and photography on a different blog.  This weekend I have finally started this effort and you can now find my new blog on photography at  This blog will cover my passions of macro photography and travel photography and I hope you will enjoy the pictures I post there and the photography posts.

I have also started up a real estate blog for my wife -  I believe the information provided there will be very helpful to those looking to buy or sell a home and to those interested in real estate.  Some of the blogs here will be written by my wife, Nelya, while others I will write.

I think over the long run this will be a very good choice because it enables me to do things with my photography blog that were not possible with this blog.  Of course, I still have a huge task in front of me to advertise the new blogs and get views up.

So, for those who enjoyed the photography discussions and pictures I used to post on this blog, please take a look at  For those who keep track of this blog for Microsoft purposes, I hope this change will enable me to keep more on topic.