More info about the answers for yesterday's quiz

The following is more information about why each answer is correct for the quiz I presented yesterday.  If you have not already taken the quiz, please skip this blog entry and go to yesterday's, then come back to this entry for any explanations.

1) To create a new conference, the client must contact the focus factory, which creates a focus that manages the details the of conference.  The audio and video of the conference is handled by the Audio/Video MCU.  If you have any participants coming from a PBX, the mediation server will play a part.  Therefore all of these play a part.

2) The answer to this one is covered on my blog at

3) OK, this was a trick question!  All of the choices are supported for TTS, but I said 'recognition engine'!  French(France) is not supported for recognition.  For more info, see this entry -

4) SDP is used to negotiate media.  SIP is the signaling protocol that carries SDP.  RTP is a media protocol and TLS is used for secure signaling.  For more info on SDP, see this blog entry -

5) A router is a standard Internet term and is not an OCS server role.

6) UCCA is used to create client side applications like Communicator.  Some of you may remember it by its old name, UCCP.Net.  UCVA was a made-up name, SIP is a signaling protocol, and Workflow Foundation is part of .Net 3.0, not OCS.

7) Office Communications Server is simply the next version of Live Communications Server.  This was covered on my blog at

8) You must send a re-INVITE, with difference SDP, to change media. I don't cover this in code, but I do discuss it at

9) This one you either know it or you don't.  The answer is lcscmd.  The others I just made up.

10) For more info on RoundTable, see

11) The key is the word 'primary'.  To create routing and filtering applications, you can use MSPL or .Net.  The other choices are available in .Net, but they are not primarily used to create routing and filtering applications.  MSPL is the only language specifically for this purpose.  I plan to cover MSPL and routing and filtering in a future blog.

12) The Mediation Server is responsible (through a gateway) with communicating with a PBX.

13) The best solution is to use Communicator Web Access and run through a web browser on the Mac.

14) Search for GRUU and SIP for more info on this.

15) Those who have used the speech tools will know this is the Conversational Grammar Builder.  The Dialog Designer is used to create speech workflow and the Grammar Editing Tools creates .grxml grammars.  I was curious to see if anyone in my group would fall for this one - because the original name of Conversational Grammar Builder was Simple Grammar Builder (before HMIHY grammars were added).

16) I have a series of blogs on UCMA but the one most relevant is  You can create client applications with it, but it is not recommended.

17) See my blog at for more info on extending Communicator with tabs.

18) Office Communications Server 2007 Speech Server supports VXML and Workflow based applications.  If you desire, you can create a speech application that does not make use of Workflow.

19) I talk about SUBSCRIBE...NOTIFY at, though I do not mention its use in presence here.  There are several books and online sources for this (search for the SIMPLE protocol).

20) I'm sure everyone would love for a RoundTable device to come in the box with OCS, but this is not the case. :)