Moving on... (sort of)

For those of you who know me, you may already know that for the past two years I have worked on the Microsoft Speech Server (newly Office Communications Server) team as a Software Designer Engineer in Test on the authoring team.  During that time I owned testing the Recording Editing and Design Studio (REDS) and the debugger.

As the conclusion of a goal that I have worked long to achieve, I am now no longer on the test team but have moved to the development team.  So, from a blog point of view all this means is you'll see more varied posts about the entire product, as my new team deals with the product as a whole and not as much the individual parts.  I am still on the OCS team, just in a different role.

The first thing I will be working on is adding an exciting new feature to the Log Analyzer tool.  Lately I have been working a lot more with the tuning tools as I help that team fix bugs and get ready to finish the current milestone.  I am really excited about the prospects of OCS and some of the things we will be working on in the near and long term.